Bledsoe Creek State Park

Yesterday we took our niece to Bledsoe Creek State Park, a place we’ve been quite a bit since moving to Gallatin. All of the trails are short and a lot of them are along the edge of the lake. We also met a dog named Harley DavisFlynn.

pond/waterfall feature
A pond/waterfall feature at the start of the trail we walked. The park has been cleaned up for the summer since we last visited. The waterfall in the back wasn’t working last time.
pen lying with blades of grass
I love pictures of everyday objects in nature. This is viridi atramento calamus.
Uprooted tree roots
Roots from a fallen tree. You can see how the root system grew around the soil and rocks.
Rock painted with shoe print
This was my favorite part of the hike. I’ve seen these rocks along the greenway I run, but never at Bledsoe. They started popping up on the greenway alongside a city initiative to attract more butterflies to the area.
Owl painted rock
My favorite rock.

Go Bananas rock

Pioneer Man
My alter ego, Pioneer Man.

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