Why You Should Join a Writing Group

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I joined Scribophile (an online writing group) two weeks ago. I checked several sites out but Scrib was the only one that looked fun to use. The others were formatted like 90s forums, all text and blandness with oddly formatted usernames.

You need to join one of these sites if you do any writing (Find me if you join Scrib). I’ve already interacted and chatted with some great people and writers. Editing the work of others makes me a better writer. When I see an error or notice a habit I’m like Oh, I do that too. And the feedback I’ve received makes me want to write more. Critiques breath new life into manuscripts I haven’t touched in months. I wish I’d joined sooner.

I see writers (some very successful) forming friendships on Twitter and wonder how they met. Usually groups like these. Bonding over a passion.

4 Comments on “Why You Should Join a Writing Group

  1. Thanks for the link to Scribophile. I’ve just joined a writing group near where I live, but that means I have to go out into the big wide world to meet people face to face… scary! 😀


    • I feel you. My local library has a writing group I want to join, but it’s much different than posting online.

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