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The Spark of Life

When life ends in its infancy, what is left to show it was there?

These Moments

Give me this moment One moment of peace It’s fleeting, don’t warn me Time spent on words is too precious Let me be Let me enjoy the details The window’s light filtered through the tree Shining bright on the shrubs Where inside the temperature… Continue Reading “These Moments”

Colored Pencil

Black letters bringing so much color to my world

Asphalt Tide

On the highway The moon sitting atop a distant bridge Slowly pulling us forward On a tide of asphalt Street lights flash past Dashes become one line But the moon never changes

Rereading a Classic: Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch

3.16.18 Depressed House Husband cover featuring The Goldfinch

Some books need to be thought about as much as read.