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Not My Dog

I did not feel like running this morning. I don’t know if it’s because my marathon is Saturday and I lack the motivation or excitement to do these last short, shakeout runs. Or if it’s because I’ve been having trouble waking in the morning.… Continue Reading “Not My Dog”

Running has Taught Me Adaptability

It’s mid-April, which means there shouldn’t be frost on the ground when I wake up. The temperature shouldn’t be 25 degrees at 7 a.m. Too bad, because both of those were true of this morning. I like doing shorter runs in the morning before… Continue Reading “Running has Taught Me Adaptability”


2.23.18 post image

I’m being distant again.

Accidental Baptism. Better Than Accidental Bris.

depressed house husband blog image - accidental baptism

The only thing worse than an accidental baptism? An accidental bris.

A Letter Unsaid

Brother and nephew sorting tickets.

A letter of unsaid words.