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Hardwood Greenway Late nights at the park, last to leave Early mornings through the park, first to arrive Smell of leather Freshly mowed grass AI Meb Bum knees Less bummy knees My knees used to kill me on the court, nobody asked They feel… Continue Reading “Basketball/Running”

Journal Entry: December 19, 2018

Another good day!

December 17, 2018

Another day, another blog post. Another blog post, another format. I’ve wanted to start a journal for years, and every so often I’d write something at the end of the day. Most recently was last week. The entry before that was at the beginning… Continue Reading “December 17, 2018”

Depressed House Husband Runs Marathon

From major depression to running 26.2 fucking miles.

Marathon Jitters

Tomorrow is my first marathon and I’m super excited. I cannot wait. I’ve done nothing today except play Assassin’s Creed Origins. That’s all I can do. My mind is running wild. It’s been hard to write these past few weeks because all I can… Continue Reading “Marathon Jitters”