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Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 22

Boy reading Bible

Now I know you truly fear God. You have not withheld from me even your son.” (Let’s play a game! Name another leader who ruled through fear. I’ll go first.)


I fear that you’ll drown in my love.

Fear of Failure

At what point does failing begin to scare us? After we learn to walk? Bruised knees and countless falls didn't stop us After learning to ride? Skinned knees and elbows didn't stop us When did failing become something to avoid at all costs? When did we learn to fear failure? Who taught us?

Who taught us to fear failure?


Fear emerges from a chrysalis and transforms into a kaleidoscope of dreams.


Who will I be if I give you up?
Will I still be the person I am today?
What if I go back to the person I was?