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Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 24

She was beautiful, old enough to be married, and still a virgin. Check, check, check.

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 23


Sarah died when she was 127, in Hebron. Abraham said to the Hittite elders, “I am a stranger among you. Please sell me a piece of land so I can give my wife/sister a proper burial.”

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 22

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Now I know you truly fear God. You have not withheld from me even your son.” (Let’s play a game! Name another leader who ruled through fear. I’ll go first.)

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 21

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God kept his promise and gave Abraham and Sarah a son, named Isaac. Before you ask, yes, he was circumcised.

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 20

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And he told Sarah, “I’m giving your brother (air quotes) 1,000 pieces of silver as compensation for any wrong I’ve done to you. Your reputation is cleared.” (Sounds a little like Stockholm Syndrome.)