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Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 29

lukas graham

But that night, in the darkness, Laban took Leah, his older daughter (who was described as lacking a spark in her eyes) to Jacob, and he slept with her.

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 28

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“You must not marry any of these Canaanite women. Instead, go at once to Paddan-aram and marry one of your cousins. May God bless you and give you many inbred children. Nations, descendants, all that jazz. Oh, and lots of land.”

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 27

So Jacob got the goats and Rebekah made goat mac n cheese.

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 26

“Why are you here?” Isaac asked. “You obviously hate me.”

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 25

Abraham gave everything he owned to Isaac, but gave gifts to his other sons and sent them to live in the east, away from Isaac. (I guess he didn’t want a Cain/Abel situation.)