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Why I’m Medicated

I don’t think about why I’m taking my medicine anymore. In the beginning, I knew each pill was a step in the right direction, perfectly calibrated to make life more bearable and help me work through my depression. Turn my baseline anxiety from an… Continue Reading “Why I’m Medicated”

OCD or Anxiety

I'm thirsty "Drink" I just did My cup is empty "Fill it" Walking to the fridge Past the bookshelf That one book is askew "Straighten it" It's fine Walk past Walk back Touch it Pull back It's fine Walking to fridge Am I walking to fast?

Is it OCD or anxiety?

Losing My Garmin, Not My Mind

I lost my Garmin on vacation. It sucked, but not too bad.

Thoughts I Can’t Escape

A poem featuring some of my endless thoughts when my OCD and anxiety were worst.

Metaphor: Depression is a Wallet

Depression is like a wallet, meaning I sometimes forget about it until I sit directly on it.