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Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 16

Boy reading Bible

Then Sarai said to Abram “This is all your fault! I let you sleep with my servant and now she treats me with contempt. God will show you who’s wrong – you or me.” The first episode of Jerry Springer was filmed. They already knew who the father was, so Maury was nixed.

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 15

Then God said, “Chill out. Your servant will not be your heir.” Then he took him outside and said “How many stars do you see?” When Abram got up to 3,789 stars, God said “Okay, okay. My point is, you’ll have a lot of descendants.”

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 12

But God got jealous and sent terrible plagues upon Pharaoh’s household.

Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapters 10 & 11

God heard about this famous tower from a YouTube video titled “10 Greatest Towers of the Old Testament” and went to see it.