Unholy Revelations


Unholy Revelations - High Resolution

A 1st grader murders his parents. A tech executive guns down an auditorium of employees. War erupts on the Korean Peninsula.

What do these unholy acts have in common? A revelation from Satan himself that contradicts everything the Bible teaches.

Unfairly cast out of Heaven, Satan is no longer content ruling Hell and flooding the world with sin. He prepares to reclaim his rightful home by using God’s finest work, mankind, to deliver a series of warnings.

Possessing some of God’s most precious creations, Satan orchestrates a series of atrocities to prove he is the real savior. As the renown of his victims increases, a final showdown with Jesus Christ is all that stands in the way of his own revelation.

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“Unholy Revelations definitely lives up to its title, and the debut writer, Arsenio Franklin, does not spare any punches. He goes after a war that has been brewing since before man was created, and he ends it in a way that will most likely leave you astounded.”Horror Palace

“[Unholy Revelations] slams head on into your psyche, sickens your stomach and brings you on a ride that will stick with you long after you read the final word. A terrifying story that will leave you checking for brimstone and ash falling from the sky.” – The Babbling Book Blog


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