Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapter 23


Sarah died when she was 127, in Hebron. Abraham said to the Hittite elders, “I am a stranger among you. Please sell me a piece of land so I can give my wife/sister a proper burial.”
The elders replied, “My lord, you are an honored prince among us. Bury her in the finest of our tombs.”
Abraham bowed and said, “Since you are willing to help, be so kind and ask Ephron to let me buy his cave at Machpelah, at the end of his field. I will pay the full price in the presence of witnesses (in lieu of a notary), so I will have a permanent burial place for my family.”
Ephron was there, so he spoke for himself, “No, my lord, please listen. I will give you my field and my cave. Go bury your dead.”
Abraham bowed again and said, “No, you listen to me. I will buy it from you.”

Ephron finally said, “The land is worth 400 pieces of silver, but what is that between friends? Go ahead and bury your dead.”
Abraham paid the price anyway.
Then Abraham buried Sarah.

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