Bible Translation: Genesis, Chapters 10 & 11

LOTS OF BABIES! The important ones: Nimrod was the first heroic warrior on earth (lol). It was actually a good thing to be called a Nimrod back then. Peleg means “division.” During his lifetime there were two language groups on earth. Pardon me if you don’t find that important.
Once upon a time, everybody spoke the same language. Some people migrated east and settled in Babylonia. They all had the same idea, to make bricks and harden them with fire. They decided to build a great city with a tower that reached into the sky. They said, “This will make us famous and keep us from being scattered all over the world.” (Not sure how the city helped achieve the latter.)
God heard about this famous tower from a YouTube video titled “10 Greatest Towers of the Old Testament” and went to see it. He said, “Look! These people are united and speak the same language. Nothing will be impossible for them!” To fuck with them he gave them all different languages and scattered them across the world. The people stopped building the city because they couldn’t communicate. The city was called Babel because of this, so the word “babel” already existed.

LOTS OF BABIES! The important ones: Terah had a son named Abram. Abram’s wife, Sarai, couldn’t get pregnant. Terah took Abram, Sarai and his grandson, Lot, to Haran. Terah died.

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