Bus Tales: May 6, 2019

I’ve been taking the kids to school in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon at work. Here’s a few things I’ve heard.

N (3rd grade) to her younger sister, H (kindergarten):

H: I graduate kindergarten in, like, 3 weeks

N: Oh, graduation is so boooooring…Like, you sit there for 2 hours. The principal literally talks for like, 2 hours.

H: I get to wear the hat thing.

N: You have to wear it the whole time. The principal keeps talking and talking, and here I am, sweating in a hat that my head’s too big for.

Describing another daycare bus:

Random: That bus has a ramp.

E: It’s like ours.

Random: But that one has a ramp.

E: Duh. It’s for wheelchair people.

F trying to get M in trouble:

M: She sits by Jimmy in class.

F: So Jimmy’s in that class?

M: No stupid. Jimmy is in kindergarten. Not Jimmy King. Jimmy Baskerville.

F: Say Baskerville with “ville”

M: Basker.

F: Ohhm…you said the B word.

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