Blind Eyes Can’t See

I am not blind

Yet I do not see

You speak

I listen

But so much is lost

In the absence of my sight

Only when you walk away

Do I realize what I missed

Your eyes showing so much emotion

Love, desire, compassion


From your eyes I seem disinterested

While that is not the case

I can’t help but think I’d feel the same way

If you didn’t see me

Didn’t even show the courtesy of looking through me

2 Comments on “Blind Eyes Can’t See

  1. There’s so much love in your words but at the same time there’s an indignant feeling. Well written 😊

    Do visit my blog to checkout some of my poems 😃

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  2. That poem has so much meaning for me. It means so much to me because sometimes I feel like one of the most important person in my life doesn’t really show much interest in my words.

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