December 17, 2018

Another day, another blog post. Another blog post, another format. I’ve wanted to start a journal for years, and every so often I’d write something at the end of the day. Most recently was last week. The entry before that was at the beginning of this year. Maybe making it public will keep me on it, although my food accountability post did little to change my diet. Oh, well.

I’ve started running consistently again over the past couple of weeks after missing about two months due to illness and a foot injury. About that illness. I went backpacking a month ago when I was already struggling with a cold that had been lingering for several weeks. Just wouldn’t go away. So I went backpacking with a friend on what I’m sure was the first freeze of the winter and came home with a sinus infection. My first one and it was miserable.

Back to running. Next week I start training for my second marathon. The same course that kicked my ass last year. I missed my last half-marathon because of my injury and illness, so I’m more than ready to race. I’m aiming for a 4 hour time. I didn’t have a goal last year, but my soul carried my body across the finish line in 5:30.

I dealt with shin splints when I ran on consecutive days for the first time in a while last month, but a 5 mile turkey trot seemed to get everything loose again. I bought some KT Tape but haven’t used much of it.

Here’s hoping there is another post tomorrow.

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