Inner Child

Longing doesn’t dissipate with age

Memories hopefully don’t fade

To catch a gleam in a parent’s eye

Thinking back to a day from childhood

Distant siblings, parents passed

For who is their inner child reaching


See them not as a parent

A giver or caretaker of life

But as a human

With unfulfilled dreams and some yet to come

Still discovering life with no one to seek advice from


And yet, they live

Keeping wishes and ideas alive inside

For once they are gone

The inner child dies

One Comment on “Inner Child

  1. A GREAT Poem!!! Your poems speak to my heart. Is it supposed to be with no one to seek advice from? Anyone that loves horror stories, Unholy Revelations written by Arsenio Franklin is a must read. Surprisingly chilling. Had to give a shout out to Unholy Revelations.

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