New Unholy Revelations Cover

I published Unholy Revelations late last year as an ebook on Amazon and several other sites. I treated it as a test run for self-publishing. It’s only 15,000 words. I could sell it cheaply. I wanted to see how things went. However, I cheated myself because I did very little to promote the book. Granted, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on promotion, but without developing a plan and dipping my toes into marketing I missed the full experience. If I self-publish a full novel in the future, I’d like to have as much experience under my belt as possible. With that being said, I’m ready to see what kind of traction I can get. That begins with an updated cover and layout.

Unholy Revelations - High Resolution

If you’ve already read it, great! If not, give it a try for $0.99. It’s available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo. If you dare make it to the end, all reviews are appreciated.

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