Running has Taught Me Adaptability

It’s mid-April, which means there shouldn’t be frost on the ground when I wake up. The temperature shouldn’t be 25 degrees at 7 a.m. Too bad, because both of those were true of this morning.

I like doing shorter runs in the morning before eating breakfast. Running in freezing weather is no problem. IN THE WINTER. When it’s supposed to be freezing. This spring I’ve run in shorts one day; pants and a long-sleeve shirt the next; tights, pants, two jackets, heavy gloves and headgear the day after that.

Back to this morning, I decided I wasn’t running today after seeing the temp. Seeing tomorrow is supposed to be 55 degrees in the morning made running today seem unbearable. Then an option I rarely consider popped into my head. Run later. During the winter I usually do my long runs later in the morning or after lunch. So that’s what I’m going to do today.

It’s hard for me to adjust my running schedule, especially when training for a race, but pushing today’s run back won’t negatively impact my day. Everything I need to do will get done, and everything I want to do will get done too.

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