Mindless Ramblings on God, Religion & the Universe, Part 2


Faith is important for everyone, and not just in a religious sense. Faith gives us something to anchor to when our lives seem to be blowing out of control. The sails snapped and we have no control over where we wash ashore. Maybe we put ourselves in this predicament but that’s irrelevant now. We’re at the mercy of something and all we can do is pray, believe, trust, etc.

My dad once told me he goes to church because he seems to mess up when he doesn’t. I love that explanation. It has nothing to do with seeking eternal salvation or getting closer to God. Maybe that’s part of his reason, but the value for him is more tangible. Closer to this world. Being a better person for himself. I like the simplicity. Church helps, so he goes. Isn’t that how we treat most things in life?

Everyone knows what faith is and we all have some in our lives. It can be overwhelming to think too deeply about it. I know I usually end up at the same place I started. Searching for answers. Not necessarily answers, but explanations. But the thing about faith is that answers and explanations don’t matter. That’s why it’s so easy to cling to. Not knowing how it works or if it works is what makes it so easy to reach for.


P.S.: I will be uploading fewer posts so I can really consider what I’m writing.

One Comment on “Mindless Ramblings on God, Religion & the Universe, Part 2

  1. My personal opinion, I think every person that goes to worship, whatever their religious beliefs should have a reason why they go for themselves. The majority of people I believe again, my own opinion-Is that they go to a place of worship because it’s what they were told to do -or they want to impress a certain class of people. Some people go to worship (my own opinion) for the wrong reasons. So to sum it all up, I guess going to church or any other place to worship because your dad seems to mess up when he doesn’t is as good a reason as any. Hey at least it’s getting him there.


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