Mindless Ramblings on God, Religion & the Universe, Part 1


I believe in God. I’ve believed for as long as I can remember. Not because I’ve been told to or because of how I grew up, although that can’t be ignored. Certain things have happened that I believe to be more than coincidence.

I read several things that made me obsess over the question of God. I feel dizzy when thinking deeply about it because it would change everything for so many people.

Religion doesn’t matter. Christianity isn’t the only way to be saved. How can someone from an area that hasn’t been exposed to Christianity be expected to convert? And if he was finally exposed, why should he believe? What actual proof is there? Proof that is agreed upon of a supernatural being with the power to control everything?

There are numbers concerning the makeup of our existence and all the matter that we know of that are so finely tuned, .00000001 of a difference would make everything impossible. What if we’re a simulation and a kid in a basement in the distant future is controlling these settings?

Do dead children go to Heaven? I’m not complaining but it seems unfair that I must keep believing in God and proving myself to be good while they died and apparently went straight to Heaven. If that’s how it works, it doesn’t make sense. Why would God decide some people get to skip the line?

There’s a chemical in our brains that remains until we die. Does this chemical cause near-death experiences? Maybe it’s not supernatural, just another thing we don’t understand.

If we believe in God and that Jesus died for us, is that enough? The Bible says we can’t “earn” a spot in Heaven. How many mistakes can we make? Are all mistakes equal? Can we be shitty our entire lives and then sincerely repent on our deathbeds? HOW DOES IT WORK?

I can’t accept that going to church or reading the Bible is necessary. It helps because the Bible is filled with stories that are useful in difficult times. But is it true or just the best collection of parables? Regardless, isn’t it just easier to believe in God or Allah? Might as well hedge your bets. It can’t hurt. Unless you’re into murder. Really stressed out.

How can you force yourself to truly believe something? What if I couldn’t talk myself into believing? I wanted to believe, but I had no proof and no reason other than a shot at eternal salvation and avoiding eternal damnation.

Maybe I’m dreaming. I wouldn’t know until I woke up. Honestly, what are the chances that religion is the biggest scam of all time?

Why didn’t God explain how and why he created everything else outside our atmosphere?

I don’t question why God allows atrocities. If God is God, he has his reasons.

One reason I believe in God is because some things are so outrageous, I can’t fathom the probability of them happening. Some things feel like they were designed. But what if multiverse theory is true? If so, there is an infinite number of parallel universes out there, where every possible combination of every event and non-event occur. If something crazy happens in my life, so what? It had to happen in one of the universes. Which is still quite amazing.

I don’t want to think about this anymore.

2 Comments on “Mindless Ramblings on God, Religion & the Universe, Part 1

  1. I’m a man of science and learning “stuff”… but I’ve really just let-go (mostly) of justifying my God/religious beliefs. Can’t be explained!

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  2. The great spirit can only be revealed when consciousness is transcended and ego is surrendered. I find it easier to spread the idea that we are all one and that we should all lift each other up rather than tear each other down. God is love and there is no label needed. Ke Akua, Kuleana

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