Unsourced Anxiety

Everything is great, yet I feel anxious.

I taught my first ESL class & I’m about to start working at an after-school program, both of which will allow me to pay my student loan payment & ease some of Laura’s financial burden. We had a great trip to Chicago. Easter is Sunday. WrestleMania is next weekend.

It’s a fruitless effort trying to dig the tight mass from my chest because it isn’t attached to anything. I can’t find it. The pointless anxiety almost makes me wish for something to be anxious about. Anything. At least in that case I could address the source. And if I couldn’t fix it, I’ve worked enough to be able to accept that, like the serenity prayer.

The only thing to do now is go back to basics. Feet flat on the floor, sit up straight, breathe deeply.


Update: I feel much better and actually have a joyous swell in my chest. My run helped. My first marathon is exactly one month away and I can’t wait. Only a few long runs left before I begin tapering.

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